Rivalry and Conflict

Britain, Ireland and Europe, 1570-1745

Austin Logan

For the less academic pupil, this series covers the curriculum in a colourful way, enticing children to enjoy learning. This book covers Rivalry and Conflict, elements of the English Civil War, for KS3 Level. High-quality resource organised into topics with key words pinpointed, activities throughout and supported by three accompanying workbooks.

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For the less academic pupil, this series provides a resource for the delivery of the curriculum in a colourful way, enticing children to enjoy learning. This book covers Rivalry and Conflict, elements of the English Civil War, for KS3 Level.

High-quality full colour resource organised into topics with key words pinpointed, activities throughout and supported by three accompanying workbooks.


1      The Reformation                                            

2      England and Spain 400 years ago                              

3      Elizabeth and Philip — rivals                                    

4      Facts about Elizabeth and Philip                               

5      Conflict over new lands                                              

6      Catholic and Protestant countries in Europe              

7      Europe 400 years ago: true or false?                         

8      Mary Queen of Scots                                     

9      Two cousins — Elizabeth and Mary                          

10      Mary in England                                                      

11      Mary is executed                                                      

12      Studying what really happened in the past              

13      The Spanish Armada 1588                             

14      Timeline — 1588                                                     

15      The Armada sets sail from Spain                             

16      The English and Spanish ships                                

17      The Great Armada is defeated                                 

18      What is a colony?                                           

19      Fact or Fantasy?                                                      

20      The first colonists in America                                   

21      An English colony in America                                  

22      Ireland 400 years ago                                                 

23      The Plantation of Ireland                                         

24      The Planters come to Ireland                                   

25      The Flight of the Earls, 1607                                   

26      The Ulster Plantation                                              

27      A Plantation Bawn                                                  

28      The Plantation in Co Londonderry                           

29      Life as a Planter in Ireland                                      

30      Life as a native Irish person                                     

31      James I becomes King 1603–1625                  

32      King and Parliament                                               

33      Charles I, King of England 1625–1649                    

34      Kings and Parliament in the 17th century                

35      Charles I and the Puritans                                      

36      The English Civil War begins in 1642                      

37      Two important battles                                             

38      Defeat and execution for Charles I, 1649                 

39      Parliament rules England, 1649–1660                    

40      The Puritans                                                               

41      The Puritan family                                                   

42      The 1641 Rebellion                                                     

43      The 1641 Rebellion in Co Armagh                            

44      The story of Jane Armstrong                                    

45      War in Ireland, 1641–1650                                      

46      “To Hell or Connaught”                                            

47      Oliver Cromwell — Lord Protector                           

48      England gets a king again                                          

49      James II becomes King of England, 1685                 

50      The Glorious Revolution 1688                                  

51      Rulers during the war in Ireland 1689–1692  page  

52      The main battles in Ireland                                     

53      The Siege of Derry, 1689                                         

54      The Battle of the Boyne, July, 1690                         

55      The Battle of Aughrim, July 1691                            

56      The Siege of Limerick, August–September 1691      

57      The Treaty of Limerick, 1692                                  

58      The Wild Geese                                                        



Format: Paperback / Softback

ISBN / EAN: 9781898392125

Published On: 30 September, 1995

Page Count: 64

Publisher: Colourpoint Educational

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