Physics Revision Guide for CCEA AS Level

Designed to support the 'Physics for CCEA AS Level - 2nd Edition' textbook (ISBN 9781780730974) and follows the CCEA specification.

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This revision guide has been written to address the content of units AS 1 and AS 2 of the revised Physics specification for CCEA. It is designed to support the textbook, Physics for CCEA AS Level 2nd Edition, by providing students with a consistent approach to the subject throughout the course and as they prepare for their examinations. 

The chapters follow the outline of the CCEA specification, providing a summary of the key learning points, exercises and examination-style questions, with answers included.

The book has been subject to a quality assurance check by an independent Physics expert.


Unit AS 1: Forces, Energy and Electricity

1.1 Physical Quantities

1.2 Scalars and Vectors

1.3 Principle of Moments

1.4 Linear Motion

1.5 Dynamics

1.6 Newton’s Laws of Motion

1.7 Linear Momentum and Impulse

1.8 Work Done, Potential and Kinetic Energy

1.9 Electric Current, Charge, Potential Difference and Electromotive Force 

1.10 Resistance and Resistivity

1.11 Internal Resistance and Electromotive Force

1.12 Potential Divider Circuits

Unit AS 2: Waves, Photons and Astronomy

2.1 Waves

2.2 Refraction

2.3 Lenses

2.4 Superposition ,Interference and Diffraction

2.5 Quantum Physics

2.6 Wave–Particle Duality

2.7 Astronomy




  • Format: Paperback / Softback
  • Published On: 21 April 2017
  • Publisher: Colourpoint Educational
  • ISBN / EAN: 9781780731186
  • Page Count: 82