Physics Questions for CCEA AS Level

Pat Carson

This book provides additional practice questions for students studying AS1, AS2 and AS3 of the current AS Physics specification for CCEA. There are 276 specially commissioned questions with answers included. They are not past paper questions.

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Covering AS1, AS2 and AS3 of the Physics AS specification from CCEA, this book provides a bank of 276 original practice questions with answers. They are not past paper questions and have all been subject to a detailed quality assurance process by an independent Physics expert.

Useful for homework, setting as classwork or for pupil exam practice.

Includes a set of questions on practical techniques and data analysis.

Detailed answers include an indication of the process used to obtain the solution.


Unit AS 1: Forces, Energy and Electricity

1.1 Physical Quantities

1.2 Scalars and Vectors

1.3 Principle of Moments

1.4 Linear Motion

1.5 Dynamics

1.6 Newton’s Laws of Motion

1.7 Linear Momentum and Impulse

1.8 Work Done, Potential and Kinetic Energy

1.9 Electric Current, Charge, Potential Difference and Electromotive Force 

1.10 Resistance and Resistivity

1.11 Internal Resistance and Electromotive Force

1.12 Potential Divider Circuits

Unit AS 2: Waves, Photons and Astronomy

2.1 Waves

2.2 Refraction

2.3 Part 1, Lenses

2.3 Part 2, Defects of vision

2.4 Part 1, Superposition

2.4 Part 2, Interference

2.4 Part 3, Diffraction

2.5 Quantum Physics

2.6 Wave–Particle Duality

2.7 Astronomy

Unit AS 3: Practical Techniques and Data Analysis



Format: Paperback / Softback

ISBN / EAN: 9781780730363

Published On: 13 May, 2016

Page Count: 88

Publisher: Colourpoint Educational

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