Learning for Life and Work: Personal Development for CCEA GCSE

Paula McCullough

This book covers the Personal Development strand of CCEA’s Learning for Life and Work GCSE. This text addresses module 3.2 of the previous CCEA specification, with a full chapter devoted to each of the six elements of the module.

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This visually striking book is one of a series of three resources specially written to cover CCEA’s previous GCSE Learning for Life and Work specification. Written in a clear and engaging style, this book is suitable for a broad range of abilities, making complex issues accessible as well as offering practical advice.

Students are encouraged to explore issues through activities, questions, discussion starters, news items, information files and case studies. Additionally, each chapter concludes with an ‘exam focus’ featuring sample questions and examiner’s tips.

This book prepares students for assessment and encourages them to apply their learning to real life situations, providing practical tools to think independently, make informed choices and act responsibly in today’s world.

Books to cover units on Local and Global Citizenship and Employability are also available.


Maximising and sustaining health and well-being

Concept of self

Building and maintaining healthy relationships

Recognising, assessing and managing risk

Understanding the roles and responsibilities of parenting

Developing competence as discerning consumers




Format: Paperback / Softback

ISBN / EAN: 9781906578565

Published On: 30 September, 2010

Page Count: 104

Publisher: Colourpoint Educational

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