Learning for Life and Work Home Economics in Close-Up: Key Stage 3

Laura McGreevy

Covering all 3 years of CCEA KS3 Home Economics, this book addresses all of the Statutory Requirements, Cross-curricular Skills and Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities required by the Northern Ireland Curriculum, as well as the Core Competences identified by the BNF and FSA. Suitable for a broad range of abilities.

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This colourful resource has been written to cover the theory for all three years of Home Economics at Key Stage 3 level.

Incorporating current legislation, facts and figures, the content addresses: all of the Statutory Requirements outlined by the Northern Ireland Curriculum; the Cross-curricular Skills, Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities required by the Northern Ireland Curriculum; and the Core Competences identified by the British Nutrition Foundation, Public Health England, Food Standards Agency Northern Ireland, Food Standards Agency Scotland and the Welsh Government.

The book is arranged logically, looking at the three Key Concepts of Healthy Eating, Independent Living and Home and Family Life in order. These concepts are divided into individual chapters, each exploring a different topic and containing activities appropriate for a range of ages and abilities. The stand-alone nature of each chapter means that teachers can choose the most appropriate order to progress through the material during the course of three years.

Suitable for a broad range of abilities, this textbook is specifically designed as a building block for both the CCEA Entry Level and CCEA GCSE courses.


Healthy Eating

  1. Hygiene and safety
  2. Equipment
  3. Food storage
  4. Food preparation methods
  5. Cooking methods
  6. Food poisoning
  7. Leftover food
  8. The eatwell plate
  9. Eight tips for making healthier choices
  10. Breakfast
  11. Fat
  12. Sugar
  13. Fibre
  14. Water
  15. Modifying recipes
  16. Nutrition through life
  17. Vegetarianism
  18. Food allergies and intolerances
  19. Osteoporosis
  20. Iron deficiency anaemia
  21. Obesity
  22. Coronary heart disease
  23. Factors affecting our food choice
  24. Food around the world
  25. Labelling

Independent Living

  1. Consumerism
  2. Responsible consumers
  3. Factors that influence consumers
  4. Different types of food production
  5. Shopping options
  6. Online shopping
  7. Budgeting
  8. Super savers
  9. Methods of payment
  10. Legislation
  11. Making a complaint
  12. Consumer organisations

Home and Family Life

  1. Different types of families
  2. Roles and responsibilities
  3. Dealing with conflict
  4. Parenting
  5. Changing needs of family members


Format: Paperback / Softback

ISBN / EAN: 9781780730899

Published On: 31 August, 2015

Page Count: 90

Publisher: Colourpoint Educational

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