French Vocabulary Book Four for CCEA GCSE

Verbs, conjunctions and other useful phrases

This is the fourth of four workbooks covering the prescribed core vocabulary for CCEA GCSE French. This book addresses verbs, conjunctions and other useful phrases. Author Diarmuid Brittain is an experienced teacher and Head of French in a Northern Ireland grammar school.

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This student-led vocabulary book is ideal for any English-speaking student of GCSE French. One of four books written for the CCEA specification, it also covers the AQA, WJEC and Edexcel courses, as the word lists are virtually identical.

As well as the core vocabulary, this book includes:
pronunciation guides, allowing students to practise alone and improve their listening skills.
tick-boxes for every word, helping students to track their learning.
helpful aide-mémoires (memory aids), helping students absorb vocabulary in an entertaining way.

With this book, teachers can hand vocabulary learning over to their students, giving the teacher more time in the classroom to focus on the challenging grammar. The series can be used independently by students from Year 8 onwards, building over five years to GCSE success. This is particularly useful for schools that need to use remote learning from time to time.



1: Les verbes les plus importants (The most important verbs) – alphabetically ordered by French
2: La colle française (les connecteurs) (French glue – the connectors)



  • Format: Paperback / Softback
  • Published On: 18 January 2022
  • Publisher: Colourpoint Educational
  • ISBN / EAN: 9781780733449
  • Page Count: 44