Chemistry for CCEA A2 Level

Covers the revised CCEA Chemistry A2 specification for first teaching September 2017. Full colour throughout with over 100 illustrations, sample questions and answers. Glossary of terms provided for each chapter.

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Covering the revised CCEA Chemistry specification, this edition has been subject to a detailed quality assurance process by an independent Chemistry expert.

It is full colour throughout with over 100 illustrations, sample examination questions and answers to exercises included at rear of the book. Glossary of terms for each chapter also included.


Unit A2 1: Further Physical and Organic Chemistry

  • Energetics: Solids and Solutions
  • Entropy and Free Energy
  • Chemical Kinetics
  • Chemical Equilibrium
  • Acid-Base Equilibria
  • Isomerism
  • Carbonyl Compounds
  • Carboxylic Acids
  • Esters
  • Fats and Oils
  • Arenes

 Unit A2 2: Analytical, Transition Metals, Electrochemistry and Organic Nitrogen Chemistry

  • Chromatography
  • Volumetric Analysis
  • Mass Spectrometry
  • NMR Spectroscopy
  • Electrochemistry
  • Transition Metals
  • Metal Complexes
  • Transitions Metal Chemistry
  • Organic Nitrogen Chemistry: Amines
  • Organic Nitrogen Chemistry: Amides
  • Amino Acids
  • Polymer Chemistry
  • Chemistry in Medicine

Unit A2 3: Further Practical Chemistry



The author, Dr Wingfield Glassey currently teaches Chemistry at Friends' Grammar School, Lisburn.



  • Format: Paperback / Softback
  • Published On: 31 August 2017
  • Publisher: Colourpoint Educational
  • ISBN / EAN: 9781780730172
  • Page Count: 320

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