The Early Church (2nd Edition)


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Publisher: Colourpoint Books
Subject: Religious Studies
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The Early Church (2nd Edition)

The Christian Church in the Roman Empire to AD325
By Raymond Banks


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Despite a gap of two millennia, the experiences of the early Christian Church frequently mirror those of the Church today.

This is a fascinating and comprehensive examination of the beginnings of the Christian Church, from its origins in Palestine to the Council of Nicaea in AD325.

Many of the concerns and developments which preoccupied the Church Fathers in these formative years were matters of their time. However, the author also draws attention to a surprising number of issues which have a resonance for Christians twenty centuries later, such as the role of women, the authority of Christian literature, the hierarchical structures of the Church, and the relationship between Church and State.

Most students of the Early Church, particularly at AS and A level, will find this text very relevant to their course of study.

Throughout the book, appropriate reference is made to the writings of Ignatius, Justin Martyr, Irenaeus, Hippolytus, Tertullian, Cyprian and Origen, among others.

Each chapter contains

    • detailed coverage of the topic
    • tasks and questions for discussion throughout
    • practice essay titles of examination standard









Additional Information


  • AS 4 - The Christian Church in the Roman Empire: beginnings, expansion and external pressure: expansion of Christianity; Church government; persecution; Constantine; early Christian thought
  • A2 4 - The development of the Christian Church in the Roman Empire to AD 325: Church life and worship; heresy and schism; defining the faith; Christian writers; Council of Nicaea
  • Glossary and index

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