Conflict in 19th Century Ireland

ISBN: 978 1 906578 55 8
Publisher: Colourpoint Books
Subject: History Politics
Dimensions: 234x156mm
Cover: Softback
Illustration: Black & white
Pages: 192pp

Conflict in 19th Century Ireland

The Development of Unionism and Nationalism
By Dr Russell Rees



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  • Comprehensive account of the birth of the modern era in Irish politics.
  • Addresses the current A2 level CCEA specification.
  • Highly regarded author.
  • Explores the development of the two great opposing forces in Irish political life. 
  • Covers topics such as Catholic emancipation, Home Rule and the rise of unionism.
  • Complemented by an index and historiography.
  • Includes a photographic section to visually support the study of the period.
  • It is our intention to publish a new edition of this text for the revised specification in due course.

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1  The Act of Union
2  The Rise of Constitutional Nationalism
3  The Development of Revolutionary Nationalism
4  Land and Nationalism
5  The Development of Cultural Nationalism
6  Defenders of the Union
7  The Organisation of Unionism
8  Conclusion
9  Historiography
Index of historians
General Index

A-Level Specification Review

The author has agreed to update this book to meet the requirements of the revised A-Level specification. Once more details are available regarding timing we will update our web page and Twitter, or contact Denise for updates.

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