Global Issues 2


ISBN: 978 1 906578 58 9
Publisher: Colourpoint Books
Subject: Geography
Dimensions: 280x210mm
Cover: Softback
Illustration: Colour
Pages: 88pp

Global Issues 2

Air Pollution and Agricultural Change
By Eileen Armstrong, Stephen Roulston


RRP: £9.99


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  • One of two books that covers the second section of the Human Geography unit, A21.
  • Each book contains two of the four elements that can be studied in this section (in this case Air Pollution and Agricultural Change).
  • Endorsed by CCEA.
  • Has been subject to a detailed quality assurance process.
  • Complements the A2 Geography textbook.
  • Includes an introduction to the concept of global issues.
  • Explains how to use primary data techniques.
  • Contains a glossary of key terms.
  • Provides a list of websites to develop further awareness of each issue.
  • Includes past paper questions relevant to the specification.

Additional Information




Air Pollution

  • Defining Pollution
  • Air Pollution Sources
  • Strategies to Manage the Environmental and Health Impacts of Pollution
  • Climate Change and Global Warming
  • The Management of Climate Change
  • Primary Investigation


Agricultural Change

  • Agricultural Change and its Impact
  • The Environmental Consequences of Change and Their Management
  • The GM Crops Debate
  • Primary Investigation

Sample Material

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