Geography for CCEA A2 Level


ISBN: 9781906578114
Publisher: Colourpoint Books
Subject: Geography
Dimensions: 280x210mm
Cover: Softback
Illustration: Colour
Pages: 304

Geography for CCEA A2 Level

By Martin Thom, Eileen Armstrong


RRP: £28.00


A-Level Specification Review: We will be publishing a new edition of this book which will cover the revised specification. It will be available from Autumn 2017.

  • Follows the same topics as the current CCEA specification. 
  • Endorsed by CCEA.
  • Has been subject to a detailed quality assurance process.
  • Features questions of examination standard.
  • Contains a section on exam technique.
  • Includes a glossary of key terms.
  • Full colour throughout with local examples wherever appropriate.  

See below for a set of sample pages in PDF format.

Additional Information


Unit A2 1 Human Geography

  • Natural population change
  • Migration causes, streams and impacts
  • Population policies
  • Sustainable development
  • Urban land use and planning in relation to sustainability
  • Traffic and transport
  • The definition of ethnicity
  • The processes which create and maintain ethnic diversity
  • Ethnic conflict

Unit A2 2 Physical Geography

  • Human demands on fluvial and coastal environments
  • River and basin management strategies
  • Coastal processes, features and management
  • Location and climatic characteristics of major tropical biomes
  • Ecosystem processes in tropical forest environment
  • Management and sustainability within tropical ecosystems
  • Plate tectonics and resulting landforms
  • Volcanic activity and its management
  • Earthquake activity and its management

Sample Material

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