The Acts of the Apostles


ISBN: 9781904242918
Publisher: Colourpoint Books
Subject: Religious Studies
Dimensions: 232x180mm
Cover: Softback
Illustration: Black and white
Pages: 312

The Acts of the Apostles

1 Corinthians and Galatians - A Study
By Juliana Gilbride


RRP: £18.00


This book covers CCEA A Level Religious Studies Units AS 2 & A2 2.

This resource provides a detailed introduction to Acts as well as an exploration and analysis of Acts, Galatians and 1 Corinthians.

As with the Celtic Church, the book includes tasks, questions and practice essay titles of exam standard as well as activities highlighting other aspects of human experience

Additional Information

Areas explored

> AS 2 - An Introduction to the Acts of the Apostles: Background to Acts; The Beginnings of the Church; Growth and Expansion of the Church; Paul the Apostle; Faith, Work and Witness in Acts

> A2 2 - A Study of Acts, Galatians and 1 Corinthians: Paul In Captivity; The Theology of Acts; Paul's Letter to the Galatians; Paul's 1st letter to the Corinthians; Paul in Acts and Letters

> Glossary and index

Sample Material

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