Christianity in Close-up Book 3: Morality

ISBN: 9781904242987
Publisher: Colourpoint Books
Subject: Religious Studies
Dimensions: 280x210mm
Cover: Paperback
Illustration: Colour
Pages: 128

Christianity in Close-up Book 3: Morality

By Juliana Gilbride, Heather Hamilton


RRP: £11.99


Book 3 of a set of 3 resources, this book is designed to address Objective 3 (Morality) of the Core Syllabus for Religious Education at Key Stage 3.

See below for sample pages in PDF format.

Main features:
>All areas of new syllabus covered
>Colourful and well-illustrated
>Lively and informative text
>Lots of activities
>Development of Skills and Capabilities, and Learning for Life and Work strands

The authors cover all the important areas in a fresh and engaging way, encouraging pupils to explore issues from their own perspective and based on their own experience.

A wide variety of stimulating activities are included, which will capture students’ interest, heighten their understanding, and help them to become active learners.

Each activity is designed to develop one or more of the Skills and Capabilities, and Learning for Life and Work strands, and icons appear beside the activity to show which skills are being addressed. As well as being useful for the teacher, this will also encourage students’ awareness of, and involvement in, their personal development of these skills.

Each book is also supported by an accompanying resource CD.

Sample Material

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