Physical Education for CCEA GCSE (3rd Edition)

ISBN: 9781780731872
Publisher: Colourpoint Educational
Subject: Physical Education
Cover: Softback

Physical Education for CCEA GCSE (3rd Edition)

By Derek Prentice



  • This popular book has been comprehensively updated to meet the requirements of the revised CCEA specification for GCSE Physical Education.
  • Addresses Component 1: 'Factors underpinning Health and Performance' and Component 2: 'Developing Performance'.
  • Diagrams updated and modernised in this new edition.
  • Full colour with illustrations and diagrams throughout.
  • Relevant tasks and chapter summaries.
  • Addresses relevant skills and capabilities.
  • Copies of the previous edition are still available as long as stocks last - see link below.

Additional Information


  1. Introduction
  2. The Body at Work
  3. Health and Lifestyle Decisions
  4. The Active Leisure Industry
  5. Developing Physical Fitness for Performance
  6. Developing Skilled Performance

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