Ireland Under The Union 1800-1900 for CCEA A2 Level

ISBN: 9781780731230
Publisher: Colourpoint Educational
Subject: History
Cover: Softback

Ireland Under The Union 1800-1900 for CCEA A2 Level

By Russell Rees



  • New edition of the extremely popular book Conflict in 19th Century Ireland.
  • Updated and revised to assist teachers and students to meet the requirements of the CCEA GCE History A2 1 Unit 2, ‘Ireland Under the Union 1800–1900’.
  • Comprehensive account of the birth of the modern era in Irish politics.
  • Highly regarded author.
  • Explores the development of unionism and nationalism, and the relationship between Ireland and the British government. 
  • Covers topics such as Catholic emancipation and the Home Rule movement.
  • Complemented by an index.
  • Includes a photographic section to visually support the study of the period.

Additional Information


  1. Opposition to the Union
  2. The Significance of Social and Economic Issues
  3. The British Government’s Response to Irish Nationalism
  4. Supporters of the Union
  5. Conclusion

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