Partition of Ireland 1900-25 for CCEA A2 Level


ISBN: 9781780732008
Publisher: Colourpoint Educational
Subject: History
Cover: Softback

Partition of Ireland 1900-25 for CCEA A2 Level

By Russell Rees

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£15.00 (ex VAT)

£18.00 (inc VAT)


  • Updated and revised to assist teachers and students to meet the requirements of the CCEA GCE History A2 2 Unit 4, ‘Partition of Ireland 1900–25’.
  • Updated and revised edition of the extremely popular book Ireland 1900–25.
  • Established, authoritative and popular resource.
  • Highly regarded author.
  • Historiographical sections in each chapter.
  • Complemented by an index, maps and election tables.
  • Includes a 50 photograph section to visually support the study of the period.


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