Further Mathematics for CCEA GCSE Level 2nd Edition

ISBN: 9781780731919
Publisher: Colourpoint Educational
Subject: Mathematics
Cover: Softback
Pages: c220pp

Further Mathematics for CCEA GCSE Level 2nd Edition

By Neill Hamilton, Sam Stevenson



  • Second edition of this extremely popular resource, brought fully up to date for the revised specification.
  • Covers the whole examined CCEA course including Pure Mathematics, Mechanics and Statistics.
  • Includes a brand new section covering the unit on Discrete and Decision Mathematics.
  • Has been subject to a detailed quality assurance check by a Maths expert prior to publication. 
  • Clearly explains the theory for each subject.
  • Followed by a generous number of questions with answers at the rear.
  • The authors, Neill Hamilton and Sam Stevenson, will be well-known to teachers in Northern Ireland.

Additional Information


Unit 1: Pure Mathematics:

1 Simplifying Algebraic Expressions;

2 Equations;

3 Simultaneous Equations;

4 Trigonometry;

5 Quadratic Inequalities;

6 Differentiation;

7 Tangents and Normals;

8 Turning Points;

9 Integration;

10 Area;

11 Matrices;

12 Logarithms;

13 Solving Index Equations Using Logarithms;

14 Log/Log Graphs.


Unit 2: Mechanics:

15 Displacement and Velocity/Time Graphs;

16 Constant Acceleration;

17 Newton’s Laws;

18 Forces;

19 Vectors;

20 Friction;

21 Connected Bodies;

22 Moments.


Unit 3: Statistics:

23 Bivariate Analysis;

24 Measures of Central Tendency and Dispersion;

25 Probability;

26 Binomial Distribution;

27 Normal Distribution.


Unit 4: Discrete and Decision Mathematics:

28 Counting;

29 Boolean Algebra;

30 Linear Programming;

31 Time Series;

32 Critical Path Analysis.

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