Physics for CCEA AS Level - 2nd Edition

ISBN: 978 1 78073 097 4
Publisher: Colourpoint Educational
Subject: Physics
Dimensions: 280x210mm
Cover: Softback
Illustration: Colour
Pages: c208pp

Physics for CCEA AS Level - 2nd Edition

By Pat Carson, Roy White



  • Fully updated for the revised CCEA specification (first teaching September 2016).
  • Follows the specification, including a chapter covering Astronomy.
  • It is our intention that this book, like the previous edition, will be endorsed by CCEA.
  • Subject to a detailed quality assurance process by an independent Physics expert.
  • Extremely popular, established resource.
  • Full colour throughout with a bright and clear presentation.
  • Approximately 50 exercises with answers for numerical questions.
  • Sample examination questions provided throughout.
  • Includes a section on practical techniques eg: precision, accuracy, analysis and interpretation.
  • The authors are both experienced in teaching A-level Physics for CCEA.


Additional Information

1.1 Physical Quantities
1.2 Scalars and Vectors
1.3 Principle of Moments
1.4 Linear Motion
1.5 Dynamics
1.6 Newton’s Laws of Motion
1.7 Linear Momentum and Impulse
1.8 Work Done, Potential & Kinetic Energy
1.9 Electric Current & Charge, Potential Difference & Electromotive Forces
1.10 Resistance and Resistivity
1.11 Internal Resistance & Electromotive Force
1.12 Potential Dividers
2.1 Waves
2.2 Refraction
2.3 Lenses & Defects of Vision
2.4 Superposition, Interference & Diffraction
2.5 Quantum Physics
2.6 Wave-particle Duality
2.7 Astronomy

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