Physics Questions for CCEA AS Level

ISBN: 9781780730363
Publisher: Colourpoint Educational
Subject: Physics
Cover: Paperback
Pages: 88pp

Physics Questions for CCEA AS Level

For Revised Specification
By Pat Carson & Roy White



  • Published in response to strong demand from teachers.
  • Provides a bank of 276 questions with answers.
  • These are original questions written for this book.
  • NOT past paper questions.
  • Covers AS1, AS2 and AS3 of the revised AS specification from CCEA.
  • Has been subject to a detailed quality assurance process by an independent Physics expert.
  • Useful for homework, setting as classwork or for pupil exam practice.
  • Includes a set of questions on practical techniques and data analysis
  • Detailed answers include an indication of the process used to obtain the solution.

Update 18 July 2017: The authors are working on a Questions book for A2, to be published Summer 2018.

Additional Information

Questions cover the following topics:

1.1 Physical Quantities
1.2 Scalars and Vectors
1.3 Principle of Moments
1.4 Linear Motion
1.5 Dynamics
1.6 Newton’s Laws of Motion
1.7 Linear Momentum and Impulse
1.8 Work Done, Potential & Kinetic Energy
1.9 Electric Current & Charge, Potential 
 Difference and Electromotive Forces
1.10 Resistance and Resistivity
1.11 Internal Resistance & Electromotive Force
1.12 Potential Dividers
2.1 Waves
2.2 Refraction
2.3 Lenses & Defects of Vision
2.4 Superposition, Interference & Diffraction
2.5 Quantum Physics
2.6 Wave-particle Duality
2.7 Astronomy
3 Practical Techniques & Data Analysis

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