Irish in Close-Up - Year 10 - Key Stage 3

ISBN: 9781780730905
Publisher: Colourpoint Educational
Subject: Irish / Gaeilge
Cover: Paperback
Pages: 100pp

Irish in Close-Up - Year 10 - Key Stage 3

By Celia Gormley



This is the final part in our series of three resources that cover Key Stage 3 Irish. 

The book follows a colourful yet methodical style where theory is supported by reading, writing, speaking and listening exercises. The book makes use of specially-commissioned audio recordings which are available as MP3 audio files free of charge by clicking here (compressed as a ZIP file, 48MB).

The book has been edited, and the language put through a quality assurance process, by Seán McNally, who will be well-known to those in the sector. The author Celia Gormley was, until her recent retirement, Head of Irish at Cross and Passion College, Ballycastle. The project has been supported by Foras na Gaeilge.

The eight chapters in the book are:

1 Dul síar ar Bhliain a hOcht agus a Naoi (Revision of Years 8 and 9)
2 An Aimsir Láithreach (The Present Tense)
3 An Scoil (School Day)
4 Bia agus Béilí (Food and Meals)
5 Sláinte agus and Corp (Health and The Body)
6 An Aimsir Fháistineach (The Future Tense)
7 Laethanta Saoire (Holidays)
8 Slíte Beatha (Careers)

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