Divided Island Workbook 1

ISBN: 9781898392941
Publisher: Colourpoint Books
Subject: History
Dimensions: A4
Cover: Softback
Illustration: Black and white
Pages: 24

Divided Island Workbook 1

Life in 19th Century Ireland
By Sandra Gillespie



This pupil workbook greatly enhances and extends the effectiveness of the popular text, Divided Island. It has been compiled by a practising teacher in Northern Ireland, Sandra Gillespie.

See sample page below.

Each booklet is presented as an A4 exercise book, with a coloured card cover. Inside are questions, puzzles, simple comprehension exercises and opportunities for colouring and drawing. Completing each booklet, and looking forward to the next, will give each pupil a sense of achievement and progress.

Workbook 1 includes exercises which cover nationality, the British Empire, the Act of Union, flags, landlords and tenants, evictions, the Great Famine, emigration, Parnell, the Land Leage and war.

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