Ordering Information

See here for contact details for ordering Colourpoint titles.

School orders attract discounts as set out in the following table. Remember, by combining orders from different departments in your school you can get higher discounts. 

£100+ 10% 12.5%
£500+ 12.5% 15%
£1000+ 15% 17.5%
£1500+ 17.5% 20%
£2000+ 20% 22.5%
£3000+ 22.5% 25%
£4000+ 25% 27.5%
£5000+ 27.5% 30%

We are happy to help you calculate discounts. Just give us a ring.

Orders can be placed on official school order forms and posted or faxes.

We can also arrange to send you inspection copies or approval copies of most of our books. Again, just give us a ring. Downloadable sample pages are available for many books on the web site.

Our Marketing Manager, Denise Martin, is happy to arrange to come to your school on a personal visit to discuss our resources. Either just phone us or e-mail Denise directly at denise.martin@colourpoint.co.uk.

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